SPRING TRAINING BROADCASTS: March, minimum of 30 games
REGULAR SEASON BROADCASTS: April-September; 162 games
MLB PRE-GAME AND POST-GAME SHOWS: Airs one - hour before and after every MLB game; Features exclusive player and Manager interviews.
MLB MAGAZINE: One-hour magazine show; airs every Sunday throughout the season; weekly wrap-up and analysis; Minimum twenty-six (26) shows.
BROADCAST FEATURES: Each game broadcast is highlighted by sponsored features in Pre-game, In game and Post game that provide insight, retrospect and fun facts for listeners.
AUDIENCE: For 26 weeks, and all 162 games, a captivated audience comes together to listen to the Home Team baseball Call on the Sports Media Radio Network. Fan Loyalty = Brand Loyalty.
ADVERTISING ENVIRONMENT: With commercial breaks limited to no more than 100 seconds In-Game, your commercial cuts through the clutter and becomes a fabric of the broadcast. Studies show that listeners recall 92% of advertisers during play-by-play broadcasts.
FEATURES - BENEFITS: Never too far away from the action - Shortest commercial breaks in radio – Commercial breaks are only 1:45 (1 minute and 45 seconds)
Retained Audience - We NEVER break format - In the spoken-word format, we go from talk-to-talk-to-talk (content-to-commercials-to content) retaining a captive audience – the flow of the advertiser’s message is seem less.
The Sports Media Advantage – Playing Creates A Prime-Time Broadcast:
33% of All Broadcast Hours run Monday – Friday, 10a-7p
55% of All Broadcast Hours run Monday –Sunday, 10a-7p
65% of all games have a portion of the broadcast run in Afternoon Drive, Monday – Friday 3p-7p (106 of 162 games)
It’s a perfect medium to reach commuters in their car.
DESTINATION RADIO: Over four hours of entertainment that appeals to everyone regardless of musical preferences, talk show preferences, or geographic boundaries. Major League Baseball is the only sport -- college or professional -- with games in the spring, summer, and fall. You have the sports audience’s attention for an extended period of time.



These are THE ONLY portable means to follow the team throughout the season, in addition to the Sports Media Radio Network, our game feed is what is heard on the following:
When subscribers of SiriusXM Radio want to follow the MLB and select the your home feed, they are hearing our feed on their satellite radios, mobile devices, and online
For the fifth consecutive year, MLB At Bat was named the highest-grossing sports app by Apple. When any subscriber choses to listen to the MLB Team on their mobile phones, iPod’s, iPad’s or computers – they are hearing our feed
In addition to streaming, satellite and mobile platforms – our feed is what is heard In- Stadium at most MLB Parks. Whether fans are taking a break from the sun, grabbing a snack or heading to the bathroom – they are listening to us when they are taking a break from the live action


MLB Mobile TV

Sponsorship of dedicated Team Radio page News, Game Results, Schedule, etc.

Banner Ads targeted to Teams content

Contests and Promotions

Email Marketing across all Teams (average 300,000 plus per team) Baseball Enthusiasts in the USA

Geo-Fencing & Geo-Farming of Baseball fans on mobile devices around Ballparks

Digital audio around Teams content

Pre & Post-Game Shows On-Air


Entertain key clients or vendors, utilize for employee incentives, take care of your suppliers, or keep it for yourself

Season Tickets .

Suite Passes

Autographed Merchandise

Spring Training Invites

Throwing out the First Pitch

On-Field Batting Practice Viewing

Clubhouse Tours