• Recruit young men & women in the five Branches of Military Service
• Develop their athletic ability in conjunction with education and military duty
• Create Career Development opportunities in professional sports and job placement upon discharge of service
• Brands now have access to military base sponsorship through Military Athletic
The states with the most total active duty and reserve members of the military, as of September 2017, were:
California: 184,540 | Texas: 164,234 | Virginia: 164,234
North Carolina: 112,951 | Florida: 92,249 | Georgia: 88,089
Washington: 64,066 | South Carolina: 55,369 | New York: 48,974 | Colorado: 47,636





Military Athletics incorporates youth training camps, baseball, football, basketball, soccer, track, hunting, fishing, paint ball, bowling, body building, golf, aquatics, boxing, fitness programs and organized sports teams. These programs are designed for military family dependents, active duty service members, military reserves, National Guard, Retirees and Veterans in and around military bases worldwide.
Military Athletics utilizes sports to empower dependent children. Athletic programs enrich the mind and heart of youth on an individual level in order to invest quality time back into the character of each child and to build a positive connection with healthy communities around the world.
Military Athletics is now working with professional sports to offer tryouts to top athletes. In some cases active duty service members can pursue a professional career in sports while still serving their military duty.
Military Athletics core values are honor, courage, devotion, integrity, humility, purpose, productivity, honesty, forgiveness and loyalty.


USA Military Baseball falls under the umbrella of Military Athletics – a non for-profit Organization. Military Athletics incorporates youth training camps, baseball, football, basketball, soccer, track and fitness programs for military family dependents and active duty service members on military bases worldwide.
Mission is to promote Free Agents of Active duty, Reservists and DOD baseball players around the world. USA Military Baseball is composed of the US finest Military baseball players and to provide educational philanthropy efforts towards youth across the globe. For the past 18 Months we have hosted over 25 disability baseball clinics in Japan and 30 youth clinics toward forward deployed Military Children.
Internationally we have over 500 Baseball players on Teams in Spain, Japan and Italy who completed over 125 Games against the San Francisco Giants and Atlanta Braves Developmental leagues in Europe and Asia. We seek to open tryouts in Florida and Puerto Rico to expand our education and vocational schooling through our Military Baseball Academies.


The story of USA Military Baseball is the story of American heroic endurance overflowing with heroes, hopefuls, and warriors. It is a saga spanning the transformation of popular military culture and the unfolding of the national pastime within the military. It is history as witnessed from players, fans, coaches, and warriors past and present.
Bruce Productions – a full-service video production house based in Wilmington, Delaware – works with USA Military Baseball bringing the USA Military Baseball tour to life through engaging video production.
Product placement, commercial endorsements, and short clip media on YouTube Channel will be included in all sponsorships.


$150 million dollar state of the art training facility development with Interstate Frontage and digital signage
Where all 5 branches of service can be stationed and developed their athletic skills for tryouts in professional sports
70,000 Square Foot Sportsplex
In and outdoor Baseball
In and outdoor Soccer
In and outdoor Basketball
In and outdoor Softball
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